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Advantages of device interfacing

The Possibilities

What are the benefits to interfacing with bedside medical devices? Storing data from devices is a clear step forward for clinical systems, and it makes sense to automate the collection rather than rely on transcription by hand. Once that step has been taken, the possibilities of utilizing the data expand immensely, and we present here some of the advantages that can be gained by integrating CMSense.

Intelligent Analysis

Most patient monitors can calculate medical variables from the various sensors it employs. However a clinical application using CMSense can bring together data from more than one source. By combining the data from the all the devices on a patient with the medication history of the patient it becomes possibly to infer more information than available from just the separate sources.

Intelligent Alarms

Most alarms on devices rely on simple upper and lower value alert levels. Combining knowledge from all the devices can predict whether an alarm state is a false alarm, or generate new alerts beyond the sensitivity of the individual devices.

Remote Real Time Monitoring

Being able to see a patient's condition away from the bedside and in real time allows physicians to react quicker and manage their time more effectively. Experts from other hospitals can contribute to the diagnosis process with greater confidence.

High Resolution Monitoring

Compared to transcription by hand, automated data collection allows a wider range of variables to be collected at a much higher frequency. This data allows the patient's condition to be tracked with a higher degree of precision, with the ability to track trends over longer periods of time.
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