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Advancing Clinical Systems

Automatically acquiring device data presents many exciting possibilities, and can give a clinical system a valuable edge over its competitors. However with the wide range of devices on the market, achieving the goal of univeral compatibility appears expensive, difficult and out of reach for many companies.

CMSense - Bridging The Final Mile

CMSense provides a simple solution for acquiring data from bedside devices without difficult and expensive software development. Once integrated, clinical systems immediately achieve compatibility with any bedside medical device.

CMSense data acquisition

The application can request any of the medical variables available from each device and receives the data with additional information such as timestamps and message identifiers.

The types of data that can be acquired from devices are;
  • Discrete data such as Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Temperature etc;
  • Waveform data such as ECG, EEG and Respiration;
  • Device settings such as Ventilator Modes or Infusion Time;
  • Alarms and alerts.

Standardizing The Interface

CMSense consists of a library of software components that can readily accessed by a clinical application. Each component can acquire data from a series of medical devices, and then present that data to the application in a consistent, standardized format.

Low Maintenance, High Compatibility

Each and every component is interchangeable, and new components required for devices entering the market can be added to the clinical system seamlessly, without no further modifications required to the application.
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