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Standardizing The Interface

The essential feature of CMSense is the standardized interface to the clinical application. Each component of the CMSense library can acquire data from a series of medical devices, and returns the data to the clinical application in a standardized format. The parameter terminology used for each medical devices is consistent across the entire range of CMSense components. If an application wishes to acquire the patient's heart rate for example, then it can request it through CMSense regardless of the make or manufacturer of the medical device. The data acquisition becomes entirely independent of the hardware being used at the bedside, and the clinical system can focus on using the medical parameters.

Compatibility And A Future Proof Solutions

A clinical system that will be installed in many different environments must be readily compatible with any medical devices it may encounter. The CMSense components are designed to be imported into the clinical system's environment without changes required to the system itself. By switching to a different component from the CMSense library, the clinical system can continue to use the standardized CMSense interface seamlessly and immediately. No additional software development, documentation or other changes is required. This also gives a future-proof solution. As new devices enter the market compatibility is retained through the same standard CMSense interface. All that's required are the latest components from Cain Medical.
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